Methods to Easily Organize Your Lego Collection

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If your children have recently fallen in love with Legos, you’re probably looking for a way to organize them already. The sheer number and variety of lego bricks that exist makes it incredibly challenging to create an organization system that works for your household. Nobody loves having a house with random bricks strewn about. 

Here are a few ways you can get your Lego collection under control. 

Decide How You Want to Organize 

Different organization systems work for different children depending on the way they like to play with their bricks. Some children only want to build and rebuild sets, which calls for a system that keeps each set separated and organized. 

Other kids like to create on their own, which requires bricks to be organized by type, color or both. 

Organizing by Set 

If your child likes to collect various sets from the Harry Potter, Star Wars, or other popular franchises, you’ll need to come up with a system that keeps all the bricks belonging to one set separate from one another. 

Use gallon zip-lock bags or small plastic bins to hold each set. Make sure the instructions for each set are co-located with the pieces or you’ll easily forget which is which. 

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Organizing by Color 

For those children who prefer to be creative and come up with their own design and inventions, organizing by color can be easier than organizing by set. If bricks or organized by set, each time they want to borrow pieces from multiple sets to finish what they are working on, you’ll need to resort all the pieces. 

Organizing by color has the added benefit of looking very neat and organized. Most people use plastic bins without lids to organize the pieces. The one downside to this method is that it makes it difficult to find a specific type of brick. 

Organizing by Type or Size

Organizing bricks by shape or size is another way to keep a Lego collection tidy. This method might include separating bricks out in broad categories like “basic bricks,” “slopes,” “gears, axles, and wheels,” etc. or go even further with each container holding one specific brick such as “2x3’s,” “2x2’s,” and so on. It really just depends on the nature of your collection and what you are trying to accomplish. 

Use All or None of These Methods 

How you want to organize your child’s legos depends on how they like to play with their bricks and how likely they are to use the organization system you set up. For some families, this might mean just throwing all the bricks into one large bin. Others might opt to meticulously organize bricks by color, size, type, and/or set. 

Whichever method you choose, having an organized (or at least out-of-the-way) collection helps children get the most out of their play while making clean-up much easier for you and your child. There are a large variety of organization systems out their that fit each of these methods, you just need to buy the appropriate building brick storage containers and get organizing! 


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